SFR Investments with Local Property Managers

Connecting best-in-class real estate operators with private capital.


Ovata Funds invests in single family rental portfolios and small-to-mid-size multifamily, too large for individual investors, yet too small for institutional equity.

Our Strategy

How We Operate

We align interests and empower property management professionals to turn their operational expertise into profitable partnerships.  Retain more doors, ignite growth, and create equity.

Create Partnerships

We love teamwork. Our Founders have created over 50 joint-venture partnerships and actively utilize this framework to partner with best-in-class operators. Through our franchise network, we have access to the largest single family property management organization in North America, with more than  400 property management firms around the country.

Analyze & Underwrite

Our property management partners leverage asymmetric knowledge, that is both market and property specific, to create a distinct buying advantage. We use this historical property performance and conservative debt strategies to construct solid assumptions about future performance.

Acquire & Reposition

When buying small portfolios of houses, we inherit a lot of great residents. We also inherit some leases that are under-market or under-performing. At each turnover we use equity to reposition assets and renovate to achieve market rents.

Manage & Monetize

Quality housing attracts quality residents, and quality management keeps residents happy and maximizes NOI. By partnering with local property managers, we reduce 3rd party client turnover and provide investors with stable, predictable cash flows.


What We’re Best At

Through hundreds of transactions and thousands of doors under management, we excel at scattered site acquisitions and operations. Institutional SFR operators have two options when it comes to property management, rely on 3rd party management companies, or hire internally and incur overhead and variable labor costs in each market. We rely on “1st party management”, and incentivized property managers with skin in the game.  This allows us to be nimble and location agnostic as we enter new markets.


We buy houses that need some love. Operators who are short on cash have deferred capital expenditures. This creates below market buying opportunities that usually yield 2x our equity investment on property upfit.


We buy in bulk. Portfolio sellers will trade time and effort for money. Most mom-and-pop investors do not have time to engage in multiple transactions with multiple buyers.  Having a well-qualified buyer, a quick close, and a guaranteed exit is worth a discount. We actively work alongside our property management partners to identify this specific type of seller.


Property management requires trust. Average industry churn is in excess of 20% and a property management professionals retain a typical client for 3-5 years. When a portfolio is coming up for sale, the property manager is the first to know. We build relationships with our 1st party property management clients that drives off-market buying opportunities, client retention, and outsized returns.

Our Track Record

By sourcing previously unreachable deals, we deliver outsized financial returns for HNW individuals, family offices, and RIAs.


Investments & Acquisitions


Units Purchased


Units Managed


Years of Experience


Joint Venture Partnerships


Partnership Distributions


A Specialized Approach

Finding deal flow is hard.  Property Management is hard.  As an industry leading property management provider, we teach vertical integration and investing strategies that lead to buying opportunities in growing markets.


Through joint ventures with other property managers, we have acquired 250 rental units in 4 primary markets.  We help our partners evaluate their 3rd party clients and position themselves as buyers.  Property management professionals trust us to provide capital, guidance, and expertise to close deals and actively manage investments.


Entrepreneurs in property management earn nominal fees while their clients and equity partners earn outsized risk adjusted returns.  Through syndication summits, NARPM conference speaking engagements, podcasts, webinars, and break-out sessions, we have educated hundreds of property managers.  We empower small businesses to become real estate investors.


We believe in 1st party property management relationships. Why only manage for 3rd party clients? Why not own the bulk of your management portfolio?  Our partners share a commitment to elevating tenant experience are committed to providing quality, professionally managed rental housing across the country. When interests align, deals close.


As a scattered site SFR manager, churn is your enemy. Sales into the open market hurt. We help property managers retain more doors and more clients by creating joint ventures that keep units under management. Managers who embrace 1st party management see top line growth, client retention, and long-term wealth creation.

Active & Target Markets

Through our network of Real Property Management ™ franchise owners, we have inside access to 400 property management entrepreneurs and insight into the 70,000 units under management. We own and operate in 4 states and enter target markets with favorable demographic trends where our strategic partnerships create deal-flow and off market buying opportunities.

Our Team

Who We Are

Ovata is comprised of real estate fanatics. Our Investment Committee is led by three Managing Directors who specialize in operations and acquisitions, underwriting, and investor relations. 

Ralph M. Reahard

Managing Director, Investment Committee

David J. Beekman

Managing Director, Investment Committee

Robert C. Hunter

Managing Director, Investment Committee


Get in Touch

At Ovata Funds, we serve our investors, management partners, and residents each and every day. We look forward to serving you and helping you to reach your investment goals.

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